Laser welding diamond saw blade manufacturing process
Jan 03, 2023
Laser welded diamond saw blades are the main type of diamond saw blades for cutting reinforced concrete in the professional market, and people comes from large engineering construction field. ChinShine laser welded diamond saw blades have the advantages of good welding quality, small weld seam, narrow laser beam focus area, and precise effect on the interface between the steel core and the diamond segment. That is why the advantage of ChinShine laser welding diamond saw blade no deformation of the steel core after laser welding.

ChinShine laser welded diamond saw blade production process:
1. Test each batch of powder provided by the famous manufacturer, and use them only after meeting the strict requirements.
2. Mix powders of different proportions (iron powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, copper powder...) evenly, granulate them into small particles.
3. Put the powder and diamonds into the automatic cold press machine. Cold press the powder into different diamond segment shapes according to the mold.
4. Fully automatic sintering machine hot-press sintered segments.

5. We weld our diamond segments to the steel core to make complete saw blades, laser weld diamond blades from diameter 115 mm to 2000 mm.

Pay attention to the following items during laser welding. Select the focal length to ensure that the laser energy is focused on welding.

Adjust welding power and speed, both must match each other.

laser welding diamond saw blade for concrete

6. The diamond saw blade is edged, and the sides and edges of the saw blade need to be edged.

7. The post-processing of the saw blade steel core is mainly to polish and paint the steel core to prevent future rust.
laser welding Strength detection on diamond saw blade
8. According to customer requirements, mark the use direction according to the cutting edge direction, printing customer or ChinShine logo, printing waring information on blade.
9. After all the diamond saw blades pass the inspection, they are put into boxes and wooden boxes.

ChinShine – a professional manufacturer of diamond saw blades, if you want to know more about diamond saw blades, please feel free to tell us!

laser welding diamond saw blade

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