The reason why diamond saw blades often fail to cut
Jan 15, 2021

In the process of using the diamond saw blade, it is often found that the cutting cannot be carried out. In our production, this situation is attributed to the insufficient exposure of the diamond in the diamond segment。 As mentioned above, the cutting process is the process of constant exposure and constant shedding of diamond. The key is the ability of metal powder to hold diamonds, the cobalt is the most import in metal powder. In many cases, the diamond saw blade cannot cut because the diamond in the surface has fallen off, and the diamond inside has not been exposed or only exposed little bit.

Whether the cutting object is easy or not, in the cutting process mainly depends on the density of the cutting object. The more sparse the density is and the less hardness is, the easier it is to cut, such as red bricks, concrete, refractory bricks, etc. The more compact the density and the higher the hardness, the more difficult it is to cut, such as marble, granite, basalt, etc. That is why different cutting objects need to select different diamond saw blades.

When metal powder has good holding ability on diamond segment, we need to sharpen the diamond saw blade first. The most commonly used and easiest way to sharpen the edge is to cut red bricks, concrete or refractory bricks for a short time, so that the diamond could exposed in time. On the other side, the sparse density can be used to sharpen the diamond saw blade, of course, cutting is not a problem. For cutting this kind of low density, it's good as long as it is durable.

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