What is the advantage of ChinShine diamond saw blade?
Oct 05, 2021

ChinShine diamond tools corporation has been occupied in research, development and production of diamond saw blade for stone and concrete industry for over 20 years and has built excellent reputation around the world. In view of huge force which diamond tools have to resist during utilization, the high quality diamond and metal powder is used, together with superior equipments from Dr.Fritsch in Germany.

ChinShine has achieved a high-level diamond tools into the market, creating a full line of tools including diamond saw blade, diamond blades for concrete, diamond segments, diamond wire saw,diamond core drill bit, diamond grinding cup wheel , diamond polishing pads, diamond fickert block and other professional stone cutting tools, grinding tools, abrasive tools and polishing tools.

The diamond saw blade is made of diamond segment and steel blade core. Diamond saw blade is used for cutting granite ,marble, concrete, ceramic ,natural stone and other super hard materials. The cutting efficiency of diamond saw blade is high and this type of diamond saw blade has a longer service life than similar products. Welcome new and old customers to call for advisory negotiate.

This type of diamond saw blade is produced by high-strength HD series of Yellow River single crystal diamond and high-quality metal matrix ( such as Cu, Co, Ni, Ti, Wu - Fe, etc.). After mature design, cold pressing molding and sintering processing, a high-quality diamond saw blade is finished.

The advantage of ChinShine diamond saw blade:

1. High-strength diamond is able to decrease, diamond breakage rate of diamond saw blade in the work of the cutting tools. It also can increase the bite force. The sharpness of the cutting tools, cutting speed and the efficiency are high.

2. High-quality metal matrix is able to hold diamond hard, It also can reduce the rate of falling off while the diamond saw blade is cutting. The diamond segment  has a good wear-resisting coefficient and ChinShine diamond saw blade has a longer service life.

3. According to the working of diamond saw blade, the diamond segments are designed as M type, W Shape, turbo shape, Arix aero, cobalt segment, Roof Type, etc. which can enhance the cutting stability of the diamond saw blade and make the blade not wandering in the work.

4. Mature production technology and strict quality control make each batch of diamond saw blade produced by ChinShine factory meet all customer requirements.

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