What is the difference between laser welded and silver welded diamond saw blades?
Oct 30, 2021

Laser welded diamond saw blade and silver welded diamond saw blades(brazed) are designed for professional user who requires superhard materials and regular cutting of a wide range of hard and abrasive materials, such as building materials, marble, granite, concrete ,asphalt, brick, quartz, limestone,and more natural stones and so on.

What is Silver Welded Diamond Saw Blades?

Silver welded diamond saw blades are also known as high frequency welded diamond saw blades, you can also call it brazed diamond saw blade. The diamond segments and the steel core are rigidly welded together by silver welding solders. The solders melt under high temperature by a high frequency welding machine. Diamond segments on blade core is replaceable,it means after the diamond segments wear off, you can weld new diamond segments on blade core once more. That is why they are more economical than the laser welded diamond blades. Silver welded diamond blades are use in Stone industry mostly. Large diameter available only, usually from dia. 250mm to 4000mm. Silver welded diamond saw blades is more economic than laser welding blades.

Silver welding diamond saw blade for granite

Silver welded diamond saw blade

Laser Welded Diamond Saw Blades

Laser welded diamond blades are made by the most advance and highly automatic laser welding technology. Diamond segments are firmly welded to the steel core by laser micro-fusion. Laser welded diamond saw blades are the most powerful diamond blades for they heavy tough bonding, excellent stability, fast cutting and durable life. After the diamond segments wear off, the blade core can't be used for welding once more. They even have an extraordinary performance on dry cutting without segment dropping. The most advantage for laser welding blades is SAFE, the diamond segments not easy drop down during cutting.

Different materials and purpose of use require different diamond density, type of diamond segments and even type of slots.

General purpose:

Better use laser welded diamond blades, they are used for cutting tiles, bricks, concrete blocks, slates, stones or other building materials. People use handheld saw machine mostly. Laser welded blade can protect the users in case of injury by the dropping segments.


Better use laser welding diamond blades. For cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, wall cutting, new and fresh concrete, asphalt and other hard and non-abrasive materials. Please click concrete cutting blades......

Natural Stones:

Better use silver welded diamond saw blades, most of blades are used on bride saw machine or other heavy saw machine.

Such as marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, etc.

laser welded diamond saw blade

Laser welding diamond blades

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